The Celtic Miner © 1700 (CM1700) continuous miner machine is hydraulically powered from a remote power pack that can be driven via an electric motor or via a diesel or gas engine. This continuous miner is designed for the cutting and loading out of mineral in thin seams.

The Celtic Miner © 1700 (CM1700) continuous miner is constructed from modular components which are assembled to create this continuous mining machine designed for small seam thin seam or low seam mining. It incorporates a telescopic boom with twin cutting heads. Materials are gathered by two C.L.A’s (coal gathering arms) that deposit the material onto a central conveyor. The material is then conveyed to the rear of the machine and onto a secondary conveyor system.

All control functions are performed by a single operator from the control panel at the rear left of the machine or via remote control.

The machine is powered from a hydraulic power pack supplied by the manufacturer as part of the package. The power pack may be installed in a roadway or in seam, depending on the design required, and feeds the Celtic Miner © 1700 (CM1700) umbilically, via hydraulic hoses and (intrinsically safe electric trailing cables).

The hydraulic control valves on the power pack can either be manually controlled by the machine operator or via remote control.

The machine can be supplied without electric if required.

This continuous mining machine is below 0.6 meter in height and has 75Kw total power making it ideal for working in remote districts.

This continuous miner can be supplied with all ancillary equipment required to remove the cut material to the surface, all of which has been designed and manufactured by Metal Innovations to support the CM1700 continuous mining machine.