Nant Hir

Nant Hir Colliery is a small underground drift mine in south Wales. It works the Red Vein anthracite coal seam which has a thickness of approximately 850mm. Following a period of closure the mine was re-opened in 2014, the photos below are from this mine

Initially the CM4500 carried out 270m of dinting in the return drift to fully access the mine. Additionally the main intake roadway was driven forward through relatively hard rock using this machine. The CM1500 and later the CM1700 machines were utilised to extract the coal, and in late 2016 a short-wall face (shown below) was developed to improve coal production however, poor ground conditions prevented this face reaching its potential.

The operation saw the utilisation of a range of MI equipment which included:

MI Double Drum Drives (standard and compact units)
MI Hydraulic Power Packs

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