UK Coal – Daw Mill Colliery

The CM system has also been used by UK Coal to keep open a retreat gate on one of Europe’s biggest coal faces at Daw Mill colliery near Coventry.

The company said it made a big difference to their ‘dinting’ operations – the constant need to remove material in a retreat gate badly affected by floor heave.

In some parts the headroom had reduced to just 1.5 metres, making it impossible to use large, conventional machinery. The company put in a CM4500 with a powerful 300 diameter cutting head with 20 picks, combined with a 0.5 cubic metre digging bucket on the end of a 180 degree articulated arm.

UK Coal said to maintain the route to access the face would normally have taken two or three men working every shift, but the CM4500, operated by one man, did the same job in about a third of the time. The company has since ordered a general purpose conveyor from MI.