Solid Energy New Zealand

State-owned Solid Energy New Zealand Ltd is the country’s biggest coal producer, extracting and processing more than four million tonnes a year from its seven underground and opencast mines.

After an extensive worldwide desktop search to find suitable machines, Solid Energy mining managers visited Metal Innovations in Wales and ordered a modified six-tonne CM4500 and linked systems for its Huntly East mine near Hamilton, North Island.

Solid Energy said “The new machine was chosen for its ability to create narrow tunnels and to work at the greater 250 – 330 metre depths regularly experienced at the Huntly mine.

“Modifications such as an off-board control box, more powerful engine and prototype cutting boom that gives better coal clearance, were made by the Metal Innovations team to customise the machine to East Mine’s specific needs. Early performance has been good with the Celtic Miner ® achieving rates consistent with expectations.”