CM4500: The Tunnelling Machine

The unique CM4500 has been specifically designed, constructed and tested to provide mine operators and construction companies with a robust, versatile machine capable of high performance in a variety of roles underground.

One of the jobs at which the CM4500 excels is the driving of tunnels/roadway headings for access, material extraction and ventilation etc, with associated refuge embayments, chambers and man holes.

Powerful, highly manoeuvrable and equipped with a variety of boom attachments, such as rock breakers, drilling, bolting, powered access and other items, the CM4500 is the complete tunnelling and heading machine, ideally suited to mine roadway creation and maintenance activities. Celtic Miner conveyor systems also offer the most efficient way to transport material to the desired points.

The CM4500 miner is compact, with a host of in-built features, including, as necessary, gas monitoring equipment. As a continuous miner/roadheader, with its selection of boom-mounted cutting heads and efficient loading capabilities, it can also cut a range of cross-sections, with machine widths available down to just 0.5 metres for those hard-to-reach dinting operations alongside conveyors.

The CM4500 miner can change direction quickly and easily. Working at right angles is not a problem, making it easier to set up junctions and loading stations. It is equipped with remote or on-board controls.

Where Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) are being used, the CM4500 is an ideal machine for creating the launch pads ('jack pads'), typically around six metres diameter, at the bottom of a main shaft. Our smaller heading machines facilitate the installation of cross passages or galleries in hard rock or coal or in gold mines, offering a continuous miner operation.

International construction company Costain ordered a modified CM4500 for tunnelling/road heading civil works on a £16 million project for Thames Water beneath Hampton Park, London, working in London clay.

The MI workshop adapted the CM4500 for the specific needs of the job. To ensure that material removal from the tunnelling work kept pace with the workrate of the CM4500, Costain subsequently brought in MI's tracked conveyor system and material transporter. The company used the same system on further schemes, including a sewerage project in Brighton, and has since purchased a CM4500 miner.

In another example, when the national Coal Mining Museum of England, at Cap House Colliery in Yorkshire, wanted to extend and create new galleries, roadway headings underground for visitors, The Celtic Miner 4500 was their tunnelling/heading machine of choice.