CM4500 Compact

The CM4500 compact is a small excavator for use as, or with a TBM (tunnel boring machine). It is available for general hire or outright purchase, and is available in widths from 0.8 meter to 1.5 meter, with either a belt or chain conveyor widths from 300 to 750mm.

This little roadheader is designed to work in basements car parks and at road works or similar places where space restricts machine movement.

It is very versatile and can be towed on a trailer to site, wherever that may be.

This machine is also a continuous miner and can be fitted with multiple tools such as cutting heads, rock breakers, drilling attachments etc, offering a platform for the employment and use of a range of attachments. It has the ability to work both underwater as well as on dry land.

At just 0.8 meters wide it can pass through a standard interior doorway, work and move material from alleyways at up to 60 tons per hour through the body of the machine via its conveyor, as well as work in tunnels and basements.

It can be remotely powered so won’t fill the working area with toxic fumes or excessive noise, and has the ability to be powered by compressed air, electric, diesel, petrol or natural gas engines.

In mine tunnelling the machine has multiple uses including mucking out, dinting and general maintenance..

In hard rock applications it can be used as a drilling platform for a bore and fire operation.

So whether you’re working on a building site, alongside a roadway, in a basement, in a tunnel, dredging, mucking out, dinting or working with a TBM this little machine and its bigger brothers can help.