The unique Celtic Miner © 4500 (CM4500) has been developed specifically for working in confined spaces and narrow roadways. It is a compact continuous miner that is offered in variants for different applications including use as a roadheader, for dinting, scaling or as a mucking out machine,  it brings all the advantages of mechanisation to narrow seam mining and tunnelling work.

The CM4500 conforms to European standards via its CE marking.

As well as offering increased efficiency for the mining of minerals and other materials the CM4500 is also particularly effective as a continuous dinter miner, for the installation of supports and for general mine maintenance jobs. It is able to be fitted with access platforms, rock breakers, drill heads etc while the machine lends itself to working hard rock by means of bore and fire, rock breaker or a range of cutting heads.

Together with custom-designed support equipment including conveyors, hydraulic power packs for mining and a multi-purpose tracked materials handler, it forms a complete, versatile, powerful and economical material extraction system. Click on the videos below for examples of the CM4500 in action.

The system, tested at MI’s own mines in South Wales and with major construction and mining firms, comes with a comprehensive hire package which includes an optional operator, on-site support as well as other options. Click here for Celtic Miner © 4500 (CM4500) machine on YouTube also Celtic Miner © 1700  (CM1700)  and 4500 compact.


Key features include:

  • Multiple applications including dinting, mining and mine maintenance operations, debris clearance & rescue work.
  • Quality build for strength, endurance & reliability.
  • Selection of cutting heads & buckets.
  • Can be used to install tunnel supports.
  • Operator-controlled arm cuts in almost any direction.
  • Hydraulic power source can be up to 350 metres away.
  • Reinforced cage & water spray system.