CM 4500

The unique Celtic Miner® 4500 has been developed specifically to bring all the advantages of mechanisation to narrow seam mining and tunnelling work.

As well as offering increased efficiency for the mining of coal or other material, the CM4500 is also particularly effective as a continuous dinter miner, for the installation of supports and for mine maintenance jobs generally.

Together with custom-designed support equipment, including conveyors, hydraulic power packs for mining and a multi-purpose tracked materials handler, it forms a complete, versatile, powerful and economical material extraction system. Click on the 'Case Studies' tab above for examples of the CM4500 in action.

The system, tested at MI's own mines in South Wales and with major construction and mining firms, comes with a comprehensive hire package, which includes an optional operator, on-site survey, training and maintenance.

> Watch the CM 4500 in action at Hampton Park, London

Key features include:


Technical data:


Height 1.5 to 1.8m
Length 2.7m
Weight 5 tonnes standard, 8 tonnes custom
Tracking speed Optional
Track width 0.3m
Turning radius 2.7m
Maximum gradient 1 in 4
Type of seat Anti vibration
Emergency stop Dumps all oil to tank
Safety lock in cab Prevents unauthorised start up
All hoses to BC 174 spec
Hose fitting Optional
Hydraulic valve type Spool
Circuit description Open circuit
Maximum cutting width 5m
Maximum cutting height 4.5m
Cutting depth 2.5m
Cutting speed 4m / min
Conveyor capacity 100 ton per hour
Power 25 - 150 Kw
7 second pre-start warning
David Flack, mine-owner and former vice-chairman of the Federation of Independent Mines, said "The CM4500 is an amazing machine with undoubted potential. In the past British Coal and manufacturers were only interested in big numbers and big machines. Nothing was made for the small mines. The industry has been looking for something like this."