CM 1500 - Low Seam Continuous Miner

Starting at just 350mm high and 1 metre wide, yet packing a real punch, the CM1500 is a machine that will work cost-effectively in the most confined conditions.

This includes recovering coal and other minerals from seams as low as 400mm and up to 2m. Thus seams which are often considered too difficult to recover economically become viable.

The quality design and construction of this continuous low-seam miner facilitates a reliable and productive continuous mining operation that can be used in the lowest of coal seams, or as a short-wall coalface miner, providing the flexibility demanded by today's mining industries.

This mini continuous miner can also be effective in activities such as debris clearance and even rescue operations. Its compact size and ability to be disassembled - even at this compact size - allows even the smallest of mines to be mechanised.

The CM1500 is a tracked, low-seam continuous miner equipped with a flexible conveyor system, all hydraulically-powered remotely. It can also be operated remotely. This machine is a low cost mining system designed and built by a highly experienced team and comes with the comprehensive Metal Innovations options package including sale or lease, training and maintenance. Call us for more information.


Key Features:

Height, from 0.35m
Width Optional
Length 4m
Weight, from 3 tonnes
Tracking speed Variable
Track width Optional
Turning radius 4m
Maximum gradient 1 in 3
Emergency stop hydrualic Yes, dumps all oil to tank
IS emergency stops Yes, placed around the machine
Gas, Oxygen monitoring Yes, interlocked
Hose fitting's Optional
Hydraulic valve type Optional
Circuit description Open circuit
Maximum cutting width Optional
Maximum cutting height 2m
Cutting speed 0.3m / min
Conveyor capacity 60 TPH
Loading rate 30 tons per hour
7 second pre-start warning Yes
Power source Remote hydraulic
Controls Optional, onboard or remote
Available power 30 - 150 KW